DangBei Market

It is an application market developed for intelligent TVs and a TV application distribution platform with more than 30% market shares. It serves more than 200 million users and is with 20 million monthly active users.

Dangbei Projector

AI large-screen flagship projection; perfect integration between ultra-clear giant screen and AI intelligent speaker; breaking with convention; and playability comparable to mobile phone.

Dangbei OS

Large-screen AI artificial intelligent system is employed to enable simple interaction through intelligent voice. New interactive system design; support desktop customization; cover video resources from the entire network; recommend your favorite content based on your tests; and AI voice intelligent system understands what you have said.

ZNDS.COM Smart TV Website

It is always ranking first in search engines such as Baidu, Google, etc. It is with 7 million registered members and more than 300 thousand active users per day. It is the base camp for domestic intelligent TV users where they share experiences, tutorials, and evaluations.

Dangbei Film and TV

Massive ultra-HD genuine 4K film and video content; tens of billions of exciting sports events; smart recommendation; smooth viewing; and enjoying large-screen audio-video feast.

Dangbei Fitness

It is a fitness app designed for home fitness, through which, you can receive excellent fitness training program provided by professional home fitness instructor.

DangBei Dian Jin

It is the largest advertisement alliance in China's intelligent large-screen field. It has long tail flow of more than 200 million terminals and maintains rapid growth. Its average advertisement per day can cover tens of millions of households.